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3012B 데이터시트

3012B 250mA, 4V to 80V Low Dropout Micropower Linear Regulator Linear
Linear Technology Linear
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The LT®3012B is a high voltage, micropower low dropout linear regulator. The device is capable of supplying 250mA of output current with a dropout voltage of 400mV. Designed for use in battery-powered or high voltage systems, the low quiescent current (40µA operating) makes the LT3012B an ideal choice. Quiescent current is also well controlled in dropout.

■ Wide Input Voltage Range: 4V to 80V
■ Low Quiescent Current: 40µA
■ Low Dropout Voltage: 400mV
■ Output Current: 250mA
■ No Protection Diodes Needed
■ Adjustable Output from 1.24V to 60V
■ Stable with 3.3µF Output Capacitor
■ Stable with Aluminum, Tantalum or Ceramic Capacitors
■ Reverse-Battery Protection
■ No Reverse Current Flow from Output to Input
■ Thermal Limiting
■ Thermally Enhanced 16-Lead TSSOP and 12-Pin (4mm × 3mm) DFN Packages

■ Low Current High Voltage Regulators
■ Regulator for Battery-Powered Systems
■ Telecom Applications
■ Automotive Applications

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