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ALA2F12 데이터시트

ALA2F12 TV-4 rated. 2a 3A/5A power relays LA RELAYS (ALA) Panasonic
Panasonic Corporation Panasonic
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1. 2 Form A slim type
    24(L) × 12(W) × 25(H) mm .945(L)×.472(W)×.984(H) inch
2. 3A type and 5A TV type
    3A type: Contact reliability and break performance best suited for protecting and switching speakers.
    5A TV type: Tough against inrush current and optimal for turning on and off the power supply. Rated TV-4 (UL, CSA).
3. High insulation resistance
• Creepage distance and clearances between contact and coil: Min. 6 mm .236 inch (In compliance with IEC65)
• Surge withstand voltage between contact and coil: 10,000 V
4. High noise immunity realized by the card separation structure between contact and coil
5. Conforms to the various safety standards
• UL, CSA, VDE, TÜV, SEMKO approved

• Audio devices
• Monitor
• Automatic vending machine

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