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DS92LV16 데이터시트

DS92LV16 16-Bit Bus LVDS Serializer/Deserializer - 25 - 80 MHz National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
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General Description
The DS92LV16 Serializer/Deserializer (SERDES) pair trans parently translates a 16–bit parallel bus into a BLVDS serial stream with embedded clock information. This single serial stream simplifies transferring a 16-bit, or less bus over PCB traces and cables by eliminating the skew problems between parallel data and clock paths. It saves system cost by narrowing data paths that in turn reduce PCB layers, cable width, and connector size and pins.
This SERDES pair includes built-in system and device test capability. The line loopback and local loopback features provide the following functionality: the local loopback enables the user to check the integrity of the transceiver from the local parallel-bus side and the system can check the integrity of the data transmission line by enabling the line loopback.
The DS92LV16 incorporates BLVDS signaling on the high speed I/O. BLVDS provides a low power and low noise environment for reliably transferring data over a serial transmission path. The equal and opposite currents through the differential data path control EMI by coupling the resulting fringing fields together.

■ 25–80 MHz 16:1/1:16 serializer/deserializer (2.56Gbps full duplex throughput)
■ Independent transmitter and receiver operation with separate clock, enable, power down pins
■ Hot plug protection (power up high impedance) and synchronization (receiver locks to random data)
■ Wide +/−5% reference clock frequency tolerance for easy system design using locally-generated clocks
■ Line and local loopback modes
■ Robust BLVDS serial transmission across backplanes and cables for low EMI
■ No external coding required
■ Internal PLL, no external PLL components required
■ Single +3.3V power supply
■ Low power: 104mA (typ) transmitter, 119mA (typ) receiver at 80MHz
■ ±100mV receiver input threshold
■ Loss of lock detection and reporting pin
■ Industrial −40 to +85˚C temperature range
■ >2.5kV HBM ESD
■ Compact, standard 80-pin PQFP package


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