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EL2099C 데이터시트

EL2099C Video Distribution Amplifier ELANTE-ElectronicC
Elantec -> Intersil ELANTE-ElectronicC
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General Description
The EL2099C is a high speed, monolithic operational amplifier* featuring excellent video performance and high output current capability. Built using Elantec’s Complementary Bipolar process, the EL2099C uses current mode feedback to achieve wide bandwidth, and is stable in unity gain configuration.

• 50 MHz b3 dB bandwidth, AV = +2
• Differential gain 0.03%
• Differential phase 0.05°
• Output short circuit current 800 mA
• Can drive six 75Ω double terminated cables ±11V
• Slew rate = 1000V/μs
• Wide supply voltage range g5V to g15V

• Video line driver
• ATE pin driver
• High speed data acquisition


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