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IS61NSCS25672 데이터시트

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SigmaRAM Family Overview
The IS61NSCS series ΣRAMs are built in compliance with the SigmaRAM pinout standard for synchronous SRAMs. The implementations are 18,874,368-bit (18Mb) SRAMs. These are the first in a family of wide, very low voltage CMOS I/O SRAMs designed to operate at the speeds needed to implement economical high performance networking systems.

• JEDEC SigmaRam pinout and package standard
• Single 1.8V power supply (VCC): 1.7V (min) to 1.9V (max)
• Dedicated output supply voltage (VCCQ): 1.8V or 1.5V typical
• LVCMOS-compatible I/O interface
• Common data I/O pins (DQs)
• Single Data Rate (SDR) data transfers
• Pipelined (PL) read operations
• Double Late Write (DLW) write operations
• Burst and non-burst read and write operations, selectable via dedicated control pin (ADV)
• Internally controlled Linear Burst address sequencing during burst operations
• Burst length of 2, 3, or 4, with automatic address wrap
• Full read/write coherency
• Byte write capability
• Two cycle deselect
• Single-ended input clock (CLK)
• Data-referenced output clocks (CQ/CQ)
• Selectable output driver impedance via dedicated control pin (ZQ)
• Echo clock outputs track data output drivers
• Depth expansion capability (2 or 4 banks) via programmable chip enables (E2, E3, EP2, EP3)
• JTAG boundary scan (subset of IEEE standard 1149.1)
• 209 pin (11x19), 1mm pitch, 14mm x 22mm Ball Grid Array (BGA) package


1M x 18, 512K x 32, 512K x 36 18Mb Sync Burst SRAMs
Giga Semiconductor
9-Mbit (256K x 36/512K x 18) Pipelined SRAM
Cypress Semiconductor
1M x 18, 512K x 36 18Mb S/DCD Sync Burst SRAMs
Giga Semiconductor
512K x 32/256K x 32 Dual Array Synchronous Pipeline Burst NBL SRAM
White Electronic Designs Corporation
Model B Stack-Up Banana Plug Both Ends
Pomona Electronics
512K x 18, 256K x 32, 256K x 36 9Mb Sync Burst SRAMs
Giga Semiconductor
9-Mbit (256K x 36/512K x 18) Flow-Through SRAM
Cypress Semiconductor
72-Mbit (2M x 36/4M x 18/1M x 72) Pipelined Sync SRAM
Cypress Semiconductor
2M x 18, 1M x 36, 512K x 72 36Mb S/DCD Sync Burst SRAMs
Giga Semiconductor
QX73-C-S Rlay / Standard PCB terminals

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