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KD3006-DC10A 데이터시트

KD3006-DC10A Thick film thermal printhead ROHM
ROHM Semiconductor ROHM
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KD3006-DC10A is developing type of GL40 series which are developed mainly of label printers. We have adopted low coefficient of abrasion and conductive protection coat to GL40 series which are possible for high
speed and good printing quality. That is KD3006-DC10A which is 24V standard thick film thermal print head with high speed, high quality of printing, high durability, long life, and strong resistance to abration.

1) Newly developed thick-film fast response thermal element is employed for this series and 4 inches/s or 100 mm/s is possible without thermal history control. It is possible to print 10 inches/s or 250 mm/s if external thermal history control is used.
2) 150km life realized by attributing durable new protection film.
3) New partial glaze construction makes it compatible with the thermal transfer application.

High speed label printer
High speed bar code printer
High speed ticket printer
Various high speed terminal printers

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