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LF2272 데이터시트

LF2272 Colorspace Converter/Corrector (3 x 12-bits) LODEV
LOGIC Devices Incorporated LODEV
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The LF2272 is a high-speed digital colorspace converter/corrector consisting of three simultaneous 12-bit input and output channels for functionality up to 64 Giga (236) colors. Some of the applications the LF2272 can be used for include phosphor colorimetry correction, image capturing and manipulation, composite color encoding/decoding, color matching, and composite color standards conversion/transcoding.

❑ 50 MHz Data and Computation Rate
❑ Full Precision Internal Calculations with Output Rounding
❑ On-board 10-bit Coefficient Storage
❑ Overflow Capability in Low Resolution Applications
❑ Two’s Complement Input and Output Data Format
❑ 3 Simultaneous 12-bit Channels (64 Giga Colors)
❑ Applications:
    • Component Color Standards Translations (RGB, YIQ, YUV)
    • Color-Temperature Conversion
    • Image Capturing and Manipulation
    • Composite Color Encoding/ Decoding
    • Three-Dimensional Perspective Translation
❑ Replaces TRW/Raytheon/Fairchild TMC2272
❑ 120-pin PQFP


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