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LF43168 데이터시트

LF43168 Dual 8-Tap FIR Filter Logic-Devices
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The LF43168 is a high-speed dual FIR filter capable of filtering data at realtime video rates. The device contains two FIR filters which may be used as two separate filters or cascaded to form one filter. The input and coefficient data are both 10-bits and can be in unsigned, two’s complement, or mixed mode format.

❑ 66 MHz Data and Computation Rate
❑ Two Independent 8-Tap or Single 16-Tap FIR Filters
❑ 10-bit Data and Coefficient Inputs
❑ 32 Programmable Coefficient Sets
❑ Supports Interleaved Coefficient Sets
❑ User Programmable Decimation up to 16:1
❑ Maximum of 256 FIR Filter Taps, 16 x 16 2-D Kernels, or 10 x 20-bit Data and Coefficients
❑ Replaces Harris HSP43168
❑ Package Styles Available:
    • 84-pin Plastic LCC, J-Lead
    • 100-pin Plastic Quad Flatpack


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