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LFBH001 데이터시트

LFBH001 Disconnect Switches Fusible/Non-fusible Littelfuse
Littelfuse, Inc Littelfuse
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The LFFS series fusible switches eliminate the need for a separate fuse block by integrating a three pole fuse holder into the switch body. This saves precious panel space and reduces wiring time. These rodoperated devices are UL Listed and CSA Certified.
• Reduce panel costs – Compact size minimizes panel space and reduces enclosure costs. The fusible 30 amp Class CC switch is the smallest available in the market.
• Reduce installation time – Panel-mount or integral DIN rail-mount allows quick and easy mounting.
• Flexible design – Optional accessories offer flexibility for various applications.
• Protect personnel – Dead-front design and optional terminal covers minimizes exposure to live parts.
• Lockable operator knob/handle – LFRK001 style knob meets OSHA standard for control of hazardous energy sources. Other knobs and handles meet IP65.
    Littelfuse disconnect switches are perfect for use where the National
    Electrical Code requires that a separate disconnect means be located
    within sight of all motor loads. Commonly used as a main switch
    or distribution switches, these units are also ideal for use as safety
    switches for air conditioners, pumps and compressors. The LFDS series
    disconnect switches can be used with external fuse blocks, permitting
    the use of Class RK1, RK5, J and CC fuses.


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