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LM833D 데이터시트

LM833D Low Noise, Audio Dual Operational Amplifier ON-Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor ON-Semiconductor
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The LM833 is a standard low−cost monolithic dual general−purpose operational amplifier employing Bipolar technology with innovative high−performance concepts for audio systems applications. With high frequency PNP transistors, the LM833 offers low voltage noise (4.5 nV/ Hz ), 15 MHz gain bandwidth product, 7.0 V/s slew rate, 0.3 mV input offset voltage with 2.0 V/°C temperature coefficient of input offset voltage. The LM833 output stage exhibits no dead−band crossover distortion, large output voltage swing, excellent phase and gain margins, low open loop high frequency output impedance and symmetrical source/sink AC frequency response.
For an improved performance dual/quad version, see the MC33079 family.

• Low Voltage Noise: 4.5 nV/√Hz
• High Gain Bandwidth Product: 15 MHz
• High Slew Rate: 7.0 V/s
• Low Input Offset Voltage: 0.3 mV
• Low T.C. of Input Offset Voltage: 2.0 V/°C
• Low Distortion: 0.002%
• Excellent Frequency Stability
• Dual Supply Operation
• Pb−Free Packages are Available

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