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ML2021 데이터시트

Micro Linear Corporation Micro-Linear
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General Description
The ML2021 is a monolithic analog line equalizer for telephone applications. The ML2021 consists of a switched capacitor filter that realizes a family of frequency response curves optimized for telephone line equalization while minimizing group delay.

• Slope, height, and bandwidth adjustable
• Optimized group delays (500 Hz to 6.4 kHz)
• On chip anti-alias filter
• Bypass mode
• Low supply current 6 mA typical from ±5V supplies
• TTL / CMOS compatible interface
• Double buffered data latch
• Selectable master clock 1.544 or 1.536 MHz
• Synchronous or asynchronous data loading capability
• Compatible with ML2003 and ML2004 logarithmic gain/attenuator


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