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P0402Y5101LG 데이터시트

P0402Y5101LG High Precision Wraparound - Wide Ohmic Value Range Thin Film Chip Resistors, Sulfur Resistant Vishay
Vishay Semiconductors Vishay
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• Load life stability 0.02 % typical at 8000 h at 70 °C under Pd (0.033 % maximum)
• Low temperature coefficient down to 5 ppm/°C (-55 °C; +155 °C)
• Very low noise < - 35 dB and voltage coefficient < 0.01 ppm/V
• Wide resistance range: 10  to 86 M depending on size
• Tolerances to ± 0.01 %
• In lot tracking ≤ 5 ppm/°C
• Termination: Thin film technology
• Short circuits (jumpers) r < 50 mR, I < 2 A, see PZR datasheet (www.vishay.com/doc?53053)
• Withstand moisture resistance test of AEC-Q200
• Sulfur resistant (per ASTM B809-95 humid vapor test)
• Material categorization: for definitions of compliance please see www.vishay.com/doc?99912


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