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부품명 : AN-1077
상세내역 : PFC Converter Design with IR1150 One Cycle Control IC
International Rectifier

PFC Converter Design with IR1150 One Cycle Control IC

This Application Note describes the design methodology of a Continuous Conduction Mode Power Factor Correction circuit utilizing a boost Converter and featuring the IR1150S PFC IC. The IR1150 is based on International Rectifier’s proprietary “One Cycle Control” technique for PFC Converter control. This application note presents a complete, step-by-step, design procedure including Converter specifications and necessary design tradeoffs.

부품명 : GC5016 GC5016-PB GC5016-PBZ
상세내역 : WIDEBAND QUAD DIGITAL DOWN-Converter/UP-Converter
Texas Instruments

The GC5016 is a flexible wideband 4-channel digital up-Converter and down-Converter. The GC5016 is designed for high-speed, high bandwidth digital signal processing applications like 3G cellular base transceiver station transmit and receive channels. The GC5016 is also applicable for general-purpose digital filtering applications. The four identical processing channels can be independently configured for up-conversion, down-conversion, or a combination of two up-conversion and two down-conversion channels.

● Four Independently Configurable Wideband
   Down-Converter or Up-Converter Channels
   − Four Channel Down Convert Mode
   − Four Channel Up Convert Mode
   − Two Channels Down and Two Channels
      Up Mode
● Down-Conversion Channel Mode
   − Input Rates to 160-MSPS for Four
      Channels, 320-MSPS for Two Channels in
      Double Rate Mode
   − Four Wideband Down-Conversion
      Channels Support UMTS Standards
   − 115-dB SFDR
   − FIR Filter Block Consists of 16 Cells
      Providing Up to 256 Taps Per Channel
   − 64 Parallel Input Bits and 64 Parallel
      Output Bits Provide Flexible I/O Options
   − Many Multiplex Output Options
● Up-Conversion Channel Mode
   − Output Rates to 160-MSPS for Four
      Channels, 320-MSPS for Two Channels
   − Four Up-Conversion Channels Support
      UMTS Standards
   − FIR Filter Block Consists of 16 Cells
      Providing up to 256 Taps Per Channel
   − 64 Parallel Input Bits and 64 Parallel
      Output Bits Provide Flexible I/O Options
   − Multiple Real and Complex Outputs
   − Two Channel Double Rate Real Output
      Mode With Rates to 320 MSPS
   − Outputs Can Be Independent, Summed
      Into Two or One Output(s), and Optionally
      Merged With Multiple GC5016 Chips
● JTAG Boundary Scan
● 3.3-V I/O, 1.8-V Core
● Power Dissipation: <1 W for Four Channels
● Package: 252-Ball, 17-mm PBGA, 1-mm Pitch

● Cellular Base Transceiver Station Transmit
   and Receive Channels
   − WCDMA
   − CDMA2000
● Radar
● General Filtering
● Test and Measurement

부품명 : AND8039 AND8039/D AND8039D
상세내역 : The One-Transistor Forward Converter
ON Semiconductor

The one–transistor forward Converter is the most elementary form of transformer–isolated buck Converter. It is typically used in off–line applications in the 100–300 watt region. This application note illustrates the approach one would take to design a high DC input voltage, one–transistor forward Converter.

부품명 : SLVU357
상세내역 : Using the TPS650001/3/6 2.25 MHz Step-Down Converter with Dual LDO
Texas Instruments

The TPS650001/3/6 is a single chip Power Management ICs for portable applications. The device combines a single step-down Converter with two low dropout regulators. The step-down Converter enters a low power mode at light load for maximum efficiency across the widest possible range of load currents. For low noise applications the device can be forced into fixed frequency PWM mode. The step-down Converter allows the use of a small inductor and capacitors to achieve a small solution size. The step-down Converter has Power Good status output that can be used for sequencing. The LDOs are capable of supplying 300mA and can operate with an input voltage range between 1.6V and 6.0V, allowing them to be supplied from the step-down Converter or directly from the main battery. The step-down Converter and the LDOs have separate voltage inputs and enables, allowing for design and sequencing flexibility.

• Input Voltage Rating : 2.3-V up to 6.0-V
• Output Voltages of DCDC Converter and LDOs internally fixed (see Table 1)
• Output Current Rating 600-mA (DCDC Converter) / 300-mA (LDOs)
• Spread Spectrum Clock (SSC) for best EMI performance
• 2.25-MHz Switching Frequency
• 16 pin 3mm × 3mm QFN package

• Point of Load
• Embedded Processor Power
• Cell Phones, Smart-phones
• PDAs, Pocket PCs
• Portable Media Players


부품명 : AN672


When using the internal Analog to Digital Converter of the ST62 family and maximum A/D Converter accuracy is required, it is desirable to filter out any noise present on the analog input, but also noise present on the ground and VCC supply lines of the MCU as VCC is also the voltage reference of the A/D Converter. Good decoupling must be made with capacitors on the analog input and between VCC and ground. It is also recommended to put the MCU in wait state while the conversion is in progress, so as to minimize noise injected into VCC by the operation of the micro-controller itself.

Finally, when enough time is available, it is highly recommended to make several successive A/D conversions and take an average of the results. This is the most effective way to get the most accuracy out of the ST6 family A/D Converter.

The following code fragment demonstrates a burst of 256 successive measurements, after which the average is put into the accumulator. The whole routine takes approximately 30 milli seconds with an 8 MHz clock. When less time is available, it is of course possible to reduce the number of conversions: 8, 16 or 32 conversions also give good results, although the most con versions give the best results.


부품명 : NJU7660A NJU7660AM NJU7660AM-TE1 NJU7660AV NJU7660AV-TE1
상세내역 : VOLTAGE Converter
Japan Radio Corporation


NJU7660A is a CMOS switched capacitor, voltage Converter designed to be an Improved direct replacement of popular 7660/1044.

NJU7660A provides several voltage conversion functions.

The application circuit of negative voltage (VOUT= -VIN) Converter requires only two capacitors, and positive twofold voltage(VOUT=2VIN) Converter requires two capacitors and two diodes as external components.


 Full Compatible with NJU7660

 Correspond to MLCC and electrolytic capacitor

 Twofold positive Output

 Polarity-converted Negative voltage Output

 Operating voltage range :+1.5V to +10V(for Negative voltage Converter)

                                  :+3.0V to +10V(for Twofold voltage Converter)

 High-efficiency voltage conversion rate :99.9%(No load, Negative voltage Converter)

 Few external components :2 capacitors(Negative voltage Converter)

                                   :2 capacitors, 2diode(Twofold voltage Converter)

 Package Outline :DMP8, SSOP8

 CMOS Technology


부품명 : CD4009 CD4009UBMS
상세내역 : CMOS Hex Buffers/Converter

CMOS Hex Buffers/Converter

CD4009UBMS Hex Buffer/Converter may be used as a CMOS to TTL or DTL logic-level Converter or a CMOS high sink-current driver. The CD4049UB is the preferred hex buffer replacement for

the CD4009UBMS in all applications except multiplexers. For applications not requiring high sink current or voltage conversion, the CD4069UB Hex Inverter is recommended. The CD4009UBMS is supplied in these 16 lead outline packages:

Braze Seal DIP H4S

Frit Seal DIP H1E

Ceramic Flatpack H3X


• Inverting Type

• High-Voltage Type (20V Rating)

• 100% Tested for Quiescent Current at 20V

• Maximum Input Current of 1µA at 18V Over Full Package-Temperature Range;

  - 10nA at 18V and +25oC

• 5V, 10V and 15V Parametric Ratings


• CMOS To DTL/TTL Hex Converter

• CMOS Current “Sink” or “Source” Driver

• CMOS High-to-Low Logic-Level Converter

• Multiplexer - 1 to 6 or 6 to 1

부품명 : ADC3511 ADC3511CC ADC3511CCN ADC3711 ADC3711CC ADC3711CCN
상세내역 : 3 ½-Digit Microprocessor Compatible A/D Converter
National ->Texas Instruments

ADC3511 : 3 1/2 - Digit Microprocessor Compatible A/D Converter

ADC3711 : 3 3/4 - Digit Microprocessor Compatible A/D Converter

부품명 : 7MBR35SD120
상세내역 : PIM/Built-in Converter with thyristor and brake (S series)
Fuji Electric

PIM/Built-in Converter with thyristor and brake (S series)
1200V / 35A / PIM

• Low VCE(sat)
• Compact Package
• P.C. Board Mount Module
Converter Diode Bridge Dynamic Brake Circuit

• Inverter for Motor Drive
• AC and DC Servo Drive Amplifier
• Uninterruptible Power Supply

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