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PE84140 데이터시트 - PEREGRINE

PE84140 Datasheet PDF Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.


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Product Description
The PE84140 is an ultra-high linearity, passive broadband Quad MOSFET array with high dynamic range performance capable of operation beyond 6.0 GHz. This quad array operates with differential signals at all ports (RF, LO, IF), allowing mixers to be built that use LO powers from -7 dBm to +20 dBm. Typical applications range from frequency up/down-conversion to phase detection for Cellular/PCS Base Stations, Wireless Broadband Communications and STB/Cable modems.

• Ultimate Quad MOSFET array
• Ultra-high linearity, broadband
   performance beyond 6.0 GHz
• Ideal for mixer applications
• Up/down conversion
• Low conversion loss
• High LO Isolation
• Optimized for stringent military


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